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Sep 1, 2012 1:00am PDT
visited louisiana today to survey the damage. president obama will head there monday. and louisiana governor bobby jindal said that both are welcome, but there is no time for partisan politics right now, because the focus is on cleaning up as floodwaters are starting to recede and revealing the extent of the damage. john zarrella joins me now live with the latest. john, explain where you are and what you are seeing. >> anderson, we are in thecity of ameet in louisiana. that is the tangipahoa river, and now people living within miles of the banks of the taken -- tangipahoa river were ordered to evac wait, but positive news to report. they are pumping the water out of the lake and appears that cutting a hole in the dam may no longer be necessary. this is just one of the many lingers effects from hurricane isaac. >> reporter: hurricane isaac descended on louisiana tuesday night nearly seven days to the day that hurricane katrina struck. isaac wasn't such a monster, but it was still a killer. parked on top of louisiana, mississippi and parts of alabama. hundreds had to be rescued. what
Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
cain is a long-time supporter of freedom for libya. he supported president obama's actions to remove gadhafi. he's been critical of how the administration has handled the benghazi aftermath. we spoke earlier today. take a look. wh do you make of the response by the administration in the early days of ambassador rice and now what they're saying now, they're now saying it was a terrorist attack. the president did use the word terror early on in the rose garden, but we heard from ambassador rice, who is saying link this to the video. what do you see as going on? >> i see a fundamental misunderstanding in the larger picture and then on the smaller picture. in the smaller picture they were either incredibly naive or willfully deceiving the american people. i don't know which. but to think an attack of this nature with heavy weapons, mortars, and a very sophisticated direct fire and indirect fire, that somehow that could be the result of a spontaneous demonstration is just impossible for me to understand. >> let me just throw in a third option, though, which supporters of the administration would say,
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
chicago here were directed at president obama, asking for his support for the teachers union. that puts him in an awkward position. if we were to come out in favor of the union or even say that he sides with them, he's going against his former chief of staff, rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago. i asked rahm emanuel today did he think his former boss should weigh in on this. take a listen. >> every issue we're talking about, about accountability of our schools, quality in our schools so the education is the core thrust of everything. >> reporter: bottom line, he has. weighed in on this and lit be interesting to see if he does if this strike continues to prolong over the next few days. >> there's federal guidelines that rahm emanuel is referencing. appreciate the coverage. the election just 56 days away and all this week we're focusing on the economy and we've been asking voters what their top concerns are, what keeps you up at night? tonight, you'll hear from a small business owner. we'll compare what is proposed to do about that, next. to stay. staying active can actually ease arthritis
Sep 11, 2012 7:00pm PDT
obama the democrat. at the moment, the president has the edge, a number of reasons why. majority, 51-46. close, but advantage to the president. one of the reasons why. you ask likely voters who attended college, 52% for president obama. we have to match those up as those who describe themselves as moderates. 58% describe themselves as moderates. they tend to live in the suburbs. an important advantage for the president. taxes part of the economic debate. not all bad for governor romney. state of florida, more from our most recent poll. older voters, tend to be more reliable. voters 50 years of age and older. again, more reliable voting group. 54% support governor romney. 42% for president obama, obviously, jobs number one part of the economy. on taxes, at the moment, an advantage for the president. >> governor romney has been criticized by fellow republicans by not raising out enough specifics. what loopholes he would close. how has the campaign been responding to that? >> mitt romney has suggested on a number of occasions that he would limit some of the mortgage deductions from high
Sep 12, 2012 1:00am PDT
, not here in lower manhattan or shanksville, pennsylvania, or the pentagon where@obama and top commanders laid a wreath this morning. the legacy of 9/11 is still being felt on memory, not as history but as current events. the war launched to avenge attacks still being fought. the wounds include real, physical, life-changing injuries. when a story comes out that devil delves into whether these entire 11 years of anguish might have been avoided in some way it obviously touches a nerve. the fact that it came out on the 9/11 anniversary, in the heat of an election campaign have led some to call it a political hatchet job. it is not our intention to look at this through a partisan lens, only to lay out the claims and counter claim that is we know. the story in a nutshell centerson what president bush and other top officials knew before this unforgettable moment when the president was informed of the attacks. kurt eickenwald lays it down in a "the new york times" op-ed, entitled "the deafness before the storm." it was published today. it was dated august 6, 2001, entitled "bin laden determined
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)